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ImCube: Digital Store

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Digital store automaton for eCommerce, available in La Maquinista shopping center.

It is a physical point of sale 24/7 through an interactive platform.

It is capable of attracting customers, interacting with digital content of the brand and generating sales conversion with immediate delivery and without staff cost!

We offer a personalized proposal. An intermediate step between online and physical store.


Es capaz de atraer a los clientes, de ofrecer la interacción con contenidos digitales de la marca y generar conversión en ventas con entrega inmediata.
Ofrecemos una propuesta personalizada, donde no hay coste de personal y es un paso intermedio entre la tienda online y física.

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Immediate delivery
of the purchase


Easy product


Attraction of customers
not used to online shopping

 Boost your brand with striking formats, increasing the rates of impulse buying.


ImCube tienda autómata inteligente


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